Hey Juliet, how you are doing great.

I am here in front of my computer building sites, with cold feet and very cold hands…you know me! helping clients to rank their website and taught it might be nice to write something important about the past 3 years I have spent by your side, instead of the nonsense I usually write to check if a website is penalized or not….you must be saying OOOO NOOO not SEO talk again. Its not going to be about SEO, no worries.

Time Flies

3 years of a bumpy work relationship, at first I felt it was like a google dance, where there are times you feel everything is going smooth, and then all of a sudden you fell that you lost all of that momentum and get back to square one….

But, again, like a google dance, the dance will eventually stop and rankings (relationship) will be stronger and more stable than ever. We support each other, we get mad at how much work there is to do, we tell silly jokes, I tease you a bit too much I guess. But I love that ear to ear smile of yours, it brightens up the entire office.  And I agree with what you always say, we really fit well together as colleagues, your strength is my weakness and your weakness is my strength. We complement each other so to speak. In these 3 years I was lucky enough to share the adventures of my life with such an amazing, bright, beautiful woman that you are. Beautiful inside and out, yes and out…even though you have a little bit of veins J, by now you should know that for me what’s in your soul and your head that matters most to me.

How well do we know each other now?

I sometimes think that you read my mind and understand me more that my wife does 🙁 And I probably know you as much as your Husband does. I have told you about stuff that I have never spoken with anyone about. And I apologise to you for every time I have annoyed you to death with my stupid conversations. This is something I really really like about you is that you listen to me, even though I talk shit sometimes. You seem to care about what I say and that is something very few people have the ability to do…listening to others.

Jul, I know there’s that side of you that’s very sensitive and reserved (izzomm gewwa fik!). And that makes you even more intriguing. Makes me want to discover more and more what your taught are, what you are feeling, thinking, how well you really are, and I can see that sometimes you are not your 100%. I can tell that something is on your mind just by glancing into your eyes.

Jul always keep this in mind, you are so fortunate to have a really beautiful, warm family, 2 gorgeous kids. I know your boy is a pest and drives you crazy sometimes, but I am sure he fills your life with joy, that joy that I can never express & feel myself. Children are such a beautiful gift for a Mother and a Father alike. So make sure you guide them, listen to them, care for them, have patience with them, because they are so precious, and whatever good you do to them will show when they grow up. How well they do in life depends a lot on your guidance NOW.

The dark side of the MOON

There’s also a side of me that you probably do not know very well. I might sound like a macho, confident man most of the times but I have a very sensitive side of me as well, which I force myself not to express, especially now that for most part I have to deal with business men… The dark side of me where sometimes I spend a few minutes in a 3mtr by 3mtr room at home crying like a baby, feeling so lonely, and lost, sad and hopeless. Knowing that I have to spend my life coming back from work to an empty home, no one to care for, no one to share my wisdom with, to guide and help in those moments where life hits you hard, those moments where children look up to their dad and ask for advice. While growing old, hearing the word DAD many times over and looking at the children of my friends grow and succeed in life.

But I am also stronger than ever before and have developed a thick skin where there’s a fire inside of me, a burning desire to do good to unprivileged people/kids especially, make as much money as I can from the rich and give back to those who really need it the most. I am determined to succeed and enthusiastic as heck. I had to change my mindset, had to stop seeing certain friends and following others who I look up to as mentors.

Jul, you do not realize how good you are, how bright and talented you are. Your beautiful mind and soul makes me wonder how you got to do certain decisions in life.  It’s just that you need that little extra frinkin push.  That push that only the man who wants the best for his wife can give. I know you have so much potential, drive and burning desire in you to do better. I just feel mad at your husband sometimes, because he does not burn that fire under your (frinkin sexy) ass, that you need to give it your all in whatever you do, to believe in the impossible, to achieve greatness, to reach your fullest potential. Jul, be motivated by the fact that your kids will look up to their mom and see how great She is, do not settle for average. The only trait that separates successful people from mediocrity and average people is that they control exactly how they feel and it does not matter what the external world is doing. Be 100% convinced that You are the master of your own destiny and not a creature of circumstance. Create circumstance.

The mindset

Jul, all it takes is to flip a switch. It’s not that there was something wrong with me, its just that I was not in pursuit of a very worthy idea and worthy goal.  I was kind of flying blind. It is so true that they say “you are and you become what you think about.” Change happens in an instant in our mind and everything around us starts to take momentum. People say that money does not matter, they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. Money Matters. Those who say that money does not matter, never had any. Money is a beautiful thing. It’s not evil. You can do amazing things with money, you can help the people you love and care about, you can take care of your family, support unprivileged kids….help charities in the community to make to world a better place. Money is the best problem solver known to mankind.

What about love…

I am not the best guy to give advice or talk about the subject. What happened to you in the past few weeks has made me sad. So sad, I could not sleep that night where you told me the story.

I believe that we have an animal side of us, but I also truly believe that true love exists and can have such a positive effect on a person’s life, very few people really experience this burning, burning desire and passion towards their husband or wife.

Unfortunately, ( I have tried, went out with like 15 or so girls…another dark side of me!), and have never experienced this deep feeling, fairy tale love. Don’t you agree that the best and most beautiful things in the word cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.  The love thing is something I think I failed miserably at. Well, we all fail at something I guess.

I also believe that a human being should be given a second chance. I know I know, what he did was wrong, and he probably deserves to be kicked in his balls for that. But hey, he must have done a lot of good to you and your kids in the past 10 years of marriage already. So that’s enough reason to forgive him and move forward. Jul, trust with an open eye. Don’t ever get blind with no one, even the closest people in your life…. Us humans tend to do crazy stuff sometimes, and hurt others in the process unfortunately, lessons learnt.

We all make silly decisions in our lives, and we both could probably have done better.  But if a person is still in love, they must not let go so easily, and fight for what’s right, sometimes the easiest way out is not the best way.

In any case, You, the good woman you are, deserve only the best.

What’s Next?

I am grateful for this friendship that we have and will never forget our time spent together. I will miss you and your cheesy smile, your generous heart, the respect you have towards people very close to you, your temperament 🙂 , and your fashion style :), your listening to me, your nuts (that we eat!) your love and passion for your children, your laughter, your joy, your work ethic, your aussie accent, the sweetness of your voice, your sexy as fu** body in that uniform skirt!! your mysterious eyes, your sense of humor,  listening to your stories, your fashion advise…. And most of all your presence.

If you ever need help with anything, or you feel like chatting with someone, you know where to find me. I am always there for you.

I really wish you abundance of health, wealth and happiness. May god be with You, Your kids and Your family.

Take care Juliet



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