To ensure that your business will survive in 2018, you must have a presence in Google.  If you do a quick search for some terms that customers may search for related to your business and you don’t show up on the first page, this means your competition is getting all the business.

You can run paid ads to compensate for the loss of this highly targeted free traffic but this will end up costing you a lot of money.  A much more economical way is to have the best seo experts to help you to get to page one for key search terms without having to pay for advertising.  The only caveat here is that SEO can be very expensive but will pay for itself in the long run.  In some cases you may even have to spend more money for an advertising campaign in Google Adwords than what the monthly fees for SEO would be.

The drawback here is that SEO can take a long time before you start to see results.  It may take even up to a year before you actually see some of your keywords on page one.  A good SEO should be able to get you to rank for some long tail keywords on the first page within a couple of months.  This of course depends on the traffic and the competition of this keyword.

The Process

To get an SEO campaign set up, your SEO expert will need to do some research first.  Using various tools he or she will be able to determine what keywords to go after.  Typically the more competitive keywords will end up costing you more money than keywords that get less searches.  This is the same for paid traffic where the more expensive keywords are usually the ones that everyone is going after.  In some cases some keywords could cost up to $500 a click which is usually the case in the lawyer niche.  For some local keywords such as with a plumber, some could cost around $20.00.

Having a Successful Campaign

So you can see that having a successful SEO campaign will pay for itself over time.  You need to invest money over a year knowing that you may not see results until the end of the year.  This is why you should choose your SEO consultant wisely.  Check to see what other companies they have worked for and see what results they have been getting.  You can also check to see how they rank for their own business.  Common sense would say that if they can rank for keywords for their own web site then how can they rank for yours.

The bottom line is that SEO is your best bet for exposure to the public.  People these days are online all the time in searching for products and services is all done online.