How to stop animal cruelty

Animal cruelty has always been the no1 priority of ASPCA

Where there is a will there is a way. Animals should be treated with respect, be it a cat, dog, bird or whatever creature it might be.

If you burn your finger you will feel so much pain. What if you hit your pet, dog, or cat. Will they feel tremendous pain???? On the contrary, pets need a well deserved massage!! And pets are so very affordable too more than property for sure 🙂

I am sure they do, so stop this madness and be kind. If you really cannot take care of your pet, put an advert online and make sure it finds a great home where the new owner can take good care of them. There are a lot of free sites where you can put an advert, is a fantastic place.

Craigslist is another free directory to publish your ad. In the worst case scenario, you do not find an owner, just go to your nearest pet shop or spca and give it to them. They will find someone who can take care of it. BUT NEVER EVER kill or just chuck your pet somewhere to get rid of it. God bless!