A massage will make you feel good and rejuvenated.  Regular massages help with stress levels, calm your mind, improve sleep, and increase your energy levels.  They generally take 60-90 minutes, so allow yourself plenty of time for whatever style you choose.  You don’t have to stick with one type.  As your body needs change, you can choose the massage method that works best for you.

Full Body Massage

This method is what we typically think of when it comes to massage. Professional therapeutic massage practice for sports injuries.  The long, smooth strokes by the therapist help relieve tension by massaging your entire body.  Deep pressure loosens up the tenseness you’ve been carrying around with you and lets your body breath. The therapist applies medium to deep pressure to break up those ‘knots’ and increase circulation. This will help soothe and relax sore or stiff muscles. They can even help lower your blood pressure and improve your posture.  The deep stimulation of the muscle helps put it back in its normal state, making you, and your body feel better.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Does your job keep you sitting most of the time?  If so, this type of massage could be just the thing you need to bring your body back to life.  By focusing solely on the torso of the body, a back, neck and shoulder massage eases those tight areas that come from a sedentary job or lifestyle. This type of massage requires less time than a full body massage so it can be easily fit into a lunch hour during work or for anyone’s busy life.

Relaxation Massage


If you’re new to massage or just want to unwind, this is the massage for you.  Relaxation massage is performed with soft pressure to help relax on a gentler level. The therapist gently glides their hands over your body, softly soothing you. No deep tissue pressure here.  These types of massage are strictly for helping you unwind and forget the day’s worries. This great introduction to massage will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.

Thai Massage

For a break from the traditional massage and to get some deep muscle stimulation, a Thai massage from hub Malta massage therapists may be what you’re looking for.  This ancient form of massage is done fully clothed and is usually performed on a mat or a futon.  The therapist will use their hands, knees, legs, and feet to apply muscle compression while moving you through a series of yoga-like stretches.  Joint mobilization and acupressure can also be used. This invigorating massage can be painful but can leave you feeling more flexible with increased mobility.  A Thai massage is great for tension headaches, muscle spasms, and chronic nonspecific back pain.

Foot Massage


Are you on your feet most of the day?  Then pampering yourself with a foot massage is just the thing for you.  Therapists gently knead and rub your feet bringing stimulation of blood vessels and relaxation of tired muscles.  A foot massage will help relieve the daily aches and soreness from prolonged standing and help increase circulation.  A great way to give your tootsies some tender attention they so deserve.

Sports Massage for Stiff Muscles

Do you do a lot of running or play a vigorous sport like tennis?  What about golf?  These activities can leave you with sore or stiff muscles.  A Sports Massage is just the thing to help alleviate those aches of over doing it.  Sports Massages target specific areas with deep tissue pressure to help you get back in the game faster and feeling better.  The deep pressure loosens up those tight muscles and allows them to fall back into their original spots.  So, go out and enjoy yourself.  Then treat yourself to this targeted massage and feel like a kid again.

Hot Stone Massage

Relax in this warm massage as therapist release your muscle tension with hot stones.  These smooth stones are heated with hot water then placed on various parts of your body to help increase circulation to those areas. Deep muscle relief is achieved quicker because the stones carry heat to the deep tissue. The therapist will use the stones to help knead the muscles.   These types of massages are great for relieving overall tenseness and muscle aches.

Once you’ve chosen the massage that fits your needs, contact us in our professional offices in Malta, relax and revitalize your body and your mind.

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