Can You Fight A Dog? If So, Could You Expect To Win?

January 5th, 2009 | by MG | (Visited 848,076 times)

Could you fight a dog?  Without the gun of course.We see it all over the news and media. Some new “murder dog” has savagely attacked a young child or older adult leading to massive injuries or even death. But as someone more in the middle of life with a reasonable health record, it becomes a curious question, if you’d be able to handle a fierce dog coming at you.

This whole topic reminds me of the How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take In A Fight? website idea where based on some stats and other input, it was calculated how many 5 year olds you could theoretically beat up should the situation ever arise.

Even the larger and heavier dogs rarely broach sizes that would prevent you from being able to physically move them around. Aside from some gnarling teeth, there’s not too much to worry about, one would think.

When the question arose, turned out some readers even had experiences with this. Here’s what they had to say:

I’ve fought a dog before, it was only ~25lbs though with a smallish mouth when I was 10 or 11.

At one point I had it pinned on it’s back with my had around it’s neck to make it settle down. It clawed the hell out of me but it was better than getting bit.

When I was younger about 4 years ago I was walking down a road when I seen a stray dog barking aggressively at a young girl, she was scared sh*tless picking up the pace and looking back at it not having a clue that she was causing the dog to get more excited. it was a dark brown mut, some sort of Labrador cross breed, but a good size.

It was clearly ready to go for her so I shouted in the dogs direction to get its attention which sure enough it did. It stops and gives me a look and then leaves the girl for me. Party on I guess.

Comes trodding along barking at me and I keep eye contact while walking to its side. It gets pretty close to me barking and snapping by this point I guess to see how I would react, while doing so I just had my right foot primed for a football kick to its head. Then it just jumps at me and snaps my left leg, I follow up with a nice leg kick to its ribs. It goes for my upper left leg not far from my groin and catches the skin to which I landed a nice hammer fist clean on top of its head which seemed to stun it and get the dog into defensive mode. I guess with the adrenaline I just snapped and followed up with heavy kicks to its face and sides to which it was responding with moans after each kick. Then this dog clearly is in no condition to fight as its tail sweeps under its legs and it begins to retreat. I push on as it runs around the corner but stop after I see it pick up the pace.

Human 1 – Dog 0

No sign of the young girl I stood up for, she had no idea that some random person just took on a dog for her.

I wouldn’t run… it excites their play drive and gets them more excited and bent on hunting you.

When I was 9 I was bitten in the back of my leg by a large mixed breed dog that was traveling in a pack of 3 other dogs. When it bit me I didn’t cry,run, or fight. I turned around and walked slowly back down the mountain and the pack stayed put. You have to try to stay calm even if you’re being bitten.

I’d say realistically, you HAVE to fight.. not much other choice. If you run, chances are the dog will just become more determined.. they love to chase things.

Dogs are pretty tough though.. I think some people sorely underestimate them. You can really hurt a dog and it can basically ignore the pain if it is determined/desperate enough. I read somewhere about a guy breaking a baseball bat over the back of a pit bull and it didn’t even let go of its grip.

Plus once it’s got you by the arm, a big dog could pull you to the ground.. and which point it gets your neck and you’re screwed. I hope those of you saying you’d pick it up and swing it are pretty strong because if you’ve got an angry, squirming 50-100lb dog on the end of your arm, I can’t see how you’d swing it anywhere.

I own a murder dog (Pit Bull), she scares me sometimes when the mailman drops mail on my front porch, my dog goes ballistic. Fur on her back stands up, she snarls, barks, and jumps on the window violently I’m afraid she’s going to break it out one day.

Then after a minute or so she calms down, jumps on the couch and curls up next to me for a nap. I pet her thinking “I’m glad you’re on my side”…

I do it a few times a year.

Vibram therapy usually works. OC always works.

At the Academy, we’re taught (if unarmed) to offer the dog your left arm, and to stomp it’s feet and strike it’s head.

I used to be a meter reader for PG&E. I came across every dog imaginable. The worst were those medium sized sheep herder dogs. Little sh*t back biters, all of them.

I used to carry a ‘dog wand’, it was a stick with a tennis ball on the end. I had every dog imaginable try to attack me. As long as I stood my ground, and used my wand, I could handle nearly ANY dog. Never had one get past my wand.

One thing I learned, don’t show fear, and NEVER run. I had a huge Pitt bull coming at me full stride on the side of a customers house. I didn’t have time to get back to the gate, so I swung my stick and hit that huge bastard in the head as he leaped at me, he did a 180 and his legs were still kicking while he was airborne, his legs kept kicking as he landed and he ran back to the direction he came from.

In other words, if you fight you will win. Never run.

I Was walking my dog, got attacked by a pit bull, and the pit knocked me down several times while he got into it with my dog. I kicked him several times hard enough to lift him off the ground, and couldn’t even get his attention.

When you say you are going to get all level-headed clever with this kind of dog, I dont buy it. After ten seconds, when you realize you need to get the hell out of there, it will be too late.

But good luck.

Depends on the dog, but yes. I’ve worked as vet tech for 3 years.

I could take down a dog but I would get my left arm bitten to sh*t in the process.

I would like to think that if you kept your wits about you, being much smarter than the dog, you would be able to fight it off…but you’d probably have to actually kill it. I mean, if you just jam your thumb in its eyeballs and blind it, it seems to me the dog would be pretty much done at that point.

But of course, keeping your wits would be the tough part with some huge dog jumping on you.

Lots of stories both ways. What do you think? Could you take a dog in a fight?

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Comment by Forest
Mar 07, 2009 7:34 PM

Yes, you can fight a dog. As for expecting to win, it all depends on the nature of the dog. It doesn’t even matter what kind of dog it is. It could be a dog that fits in your hand and you could still lose. Sometimes, if my rotty gets really hyper, we wrestle. So far, my 120 pound dog hasn’t won at all. But that’s because he’s an absolute sweety! I’m sure that if he had an aggresive nature, I would be torn to bits….

Comment by Jesse
Aug 21, 2009 12:47 AM

if you ever find yourself forced into a fight with a dog, kicking is ok, punch sure wye not, but to tell you the truth, if it’s one dog, and only one dog heres how to win and kill it, if you can handle the pain or have something to protect your arm.

a dog on instinct will go for the neck, well most trained dogs will, so give it a target, your arm, guard your neck and torso, and keep a hard stance, when it bites your arm, it will hurt…alot… well anyways, this is about living and not getting beat to sh*t, well wrap your other arm around its neck and pull with that arm as you push with the arm bien bitten, youle snap it’s neck and the dog goes down for good.

Comment by Nicole Price
Feb 05, 2009 8:58 PM

What a very unique topic; now you really got me thinking about all sorts of different scenarios…

Comment by baz
May 27, 2009 1:43 PM

Talking about fighting a dog is like talking about fighting a shark or a bear. There will never be a good moment, it will come and you’ll panic and your reflexes will shield your face but it’ll prob still get through to your throat immediately.

But yeh just aim for the eyes when it jumps to bite you *rolls eyes that are as safe as the dogs*

Comment by Ron Page
Jun 02, 2009 7:39 PM

Most people underestimate dogs, who are genetically programmed to hunt and kill. I’ve been attacked before, and the lessons learned are stand your ground and have some type of weapon, even if it’s just a pocketknife. If you have a cudgel, don’t waste time on legs and backs and ribs. Take out the dog’s eyes, pulp his nose, try and break his upper/lower jaw. Inflicting structural damage on key organs like eyes ensures you will come out on top.

Comment by Peter Lake
Jul 08, 2009 2:07 AM

Depends on the dog.
The wounds from a dog even 60+ pounds can take years to heal, if they ever do.
Dogs bred to fight will hold on to you and never let go unless you cut off the head.
The idea of “sacrificing” a left arm to fight with the dog is correct — you could lose it.
Don’t trust the notorious breeds (American Stafforshire Terrier, American Pit Bull etc.) if they’re not leashed and under control.
And then there’s the Dogue de Bordeaux (pit bull on steroids), Cane De Corso etc……bigger and badder.
One picked up a friend’s dog at a dog show and ran off with it.
Be careful.

Comment by Kyle W
Jul 19, 2009 11:24 PM

I got the chance to live this thought-experiment out last month. My wife & I were walking our two Terrier/Retrievers (Betty & Jo) when we saw our next-door neighbor walking his Akita/Pit-Bull, Romeo. We got to the opposite side of the road & onto a driveway to let him pass. Our neighbor stopped about 15ft away to chat with us for a bit, when his dog broke its leash & charged Betty.

He was across the road in less than a second & clubbed her down with a single swipe. I was still holding her leash & I think all 3 of us were stunned for an instant. But then Romeo bit down on Betty’s neck & she made this horrible yelp I’ll never forget, which had the effect of wiping away any shock.

I was down on my knees next to them so fast I burned huge holes in my pants (and my knees) and used my hands to grab both parts of Romeo’s jaws from the outside. I used his own jowls as a pair of nice makeshift gloves and pulled him off my dog.

I was probably well on my way to breaking Romeo’s jaw when his owner grabbed him away from me & got him under control. From there my wife & I raced our dog back home & then got Betty to the vet. The vet said we were lucky, Romeo was biting to kill & might well have broken Betty’s spine, but all he got was that one good bite in.

My dogfighting technique worked perfectly, 80lbs of pit-bull was made as helpless as a 5 year old child. With my hands squeezing his jowls onto his fangs he couldn’t bite, or pull away, because he had to bite himself to do that as well. But I had the advantage of the dog being completely focused on killing mine, so I can’t recommend it as a general tactic.

Comment by Sam
Oct 07, 2010 5:19 PM

If you turn and run, the dog can easily chase you down and bite any part of you it has a mind to. But remember this important fact: the dog only has one weapon. It relies completely on that one weapon, and that is its weakness. To beat a dog, you have to take it out of its game. The dog is prepared for you to be trying to get away from it, and selecting targets on that basis. Turn the tables on the dog with my proven technique: Go for the dog’s neck. Aggressively. You want to grab the dog’s neck like you’re going to strangle it. You might get bitten. But once you have hold of the dog, pull it toward you. That’s right, I said pull it toward you, like you’re hugging it. The dog will not expect this and try to get away. Now you have turned the tables. The next step is the finish. Go down to the ground with the dog. You read me correctly. Wrap your legs around the dog’s abdomen, and then it’s leg scissor time. Human legs vs. dog midsection is like a pair of pliers vs. a bug. Squeeze and crush, or squeeze and suffocate; your option.

Comment by Yanay
Jan 13, 2011 7:22 AM

Fighting dog requires heart. You must be focused, agile, alert and determined. You can’t outrun dog and don’t try. Not even the smallest one. And you must be aggressive.
Your main weapon is fist and leg. Dog’s weapon are sharp teeth, keep that on mind. Teeth are what dog uses to attack.
I fought dogs few times…and I know it sounds sick, but I started to like that after my first victory.
Big white dog, a leader of a group of 7-8 dogs around it. They were barking at me, but I stood aggressively turning myself toward them and waited to some of them to try to attack. Then I lost nerves and jumped toward leader trying to kick it to the best of my strength. I was very fast and precise and yet that dog managed to twist so quickly that my foot missed it by a millimeter I’d say. However dog has almost fallen on its back. Then it rose and retreated and other dogs retreated with it. I remember that move of the dog and believe me dogs are impossible to hit if they are not attacking. Man can’t hit the dog if it does not attack first. So, you must wait for the dog to attack to expose itself to a kick. Then kick it hard and you are the winner of the day. Kick it several times in a row, as much as you can before it runs away.
And remember when you fight dog you fight to KILL. It is an animal and it’s “personality” is not based upon universal ethical principles of human beings. It comes upon you to tear you apart.

Comment by Jeff Rivera
Jun 30, 2011 1:46 AM

I think you just need to stay calm and not make any provoking movements as the dog might deem it hostile and will launch a head on attack on you.

Comment by Jim
Sep 15, 2012 11:03 PM

I was attacked once by a Pit mix…they are so quick and focused…I did as several here have advised, faced it head on, knew I was probably going to get bit, waited till the very last second, when it was lunging, and jammed my hand straight down it’s throat, then balled up my fist in it’s throat so it couldn’t shake me off. Used my right arm to hug around it’s neck with all my strength, choking it two ways, fist down it’s throat, and arm around it’s neck, lifting it clear off the ground. When I let it go, I kicked it hard in it’s chest, and then again to the head, which finished it for a short while, long enough for me to get in my truck, and keep away from it. The bite marks were not that deep, because I immediately made it so it couldn’t breath, and it was opening in mouth trying to get my fist out. This all started while I was eating my lunch, a chicken leg, and this dog wanted it, and me while it was at it. No owner around, no collar or leash, just a stray.

Comment by Joe
Apr 16, 2014 12:20 PM

I had a huge nasty looking pit bull come full force head on to attack me once. I was 23 years old. I saw it coming so i was prepared, when it leaped at me towards my throat, I lunged forward at it with my arms and hands extended and grabbed in throat and body slammed it to the ground and pinned it down on its back. I flailed all over the place and scratch the hell out of my arms but i mounted him and with one quick squeeze with my bare hands i crushed the dogs throat in and it died instantly. besides a few scratches I was completely fine and could do it again and again no problem. Of course I am quiet bigger and stronger than your average person, but even an average man with a backbone could win in a fight against an effing dog.


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