Loyalty In The Streets – Standing By Your Best Friend Through Life and Death

December 24th, 2007 | by Ginnie | (Visited 423,123 times)

At Christmas time, we’re reminded of how important life is. The seasons can prove themselves to work just like any other time of year, never taking a day off for celebration.

I was sent these pictures of a dog standing by his companion after being hit by a car in the street. As you gather with friends and family this year, take a somber look at these photos and appreciate the chance to have your best friend hug you back.

After the accident, the dog stood toe to toe with cars until traffic came to a near standstill. I haven’t been able to get the rest of the story to find out what happened next, but as you can see, the dog drew in a crowd as people were amazed at the display of canine loyalty.

Remember this Christmas, to show your love for those you hold dear, and let them know that you care. You never know what’s around the next corner.

Even though some people regard dogs as being less important than humans, it doesn’t mean that they can sometimes be better friends than we can :(

Dog hit by car - pawing at his best friend

Dog hit by car - warning others to stay away

Dog hit by car - people take pics

Dog hit by car - begging for help

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  1. 1
    rio Says:

    Very moving and touching… a dog’s loyalty is certainly far fiercer than many men and women…

  2. 2
    wow Says:

    Hey look!
    A dog has been hit by a car and is begging for help!

    Quick.. TAKE PICTURES!


  3. 3
    sosad Says:

    That is unbelievably sad. I hoped they helped. :( :(

  4. 4
    Zach Says:

    I am amazed that you had the heart to take pictures and share but no heart to do anything about the situation! Shame on all those in the pictures taking pictures and not doing a damn thing about the poor animals… You all should be ashame of yourselves…

  5. 5
    dan Says:

    awesome, its cool to see that everyone was so willing to help the dogs rather than just simply take pictures of them.

  6. 6
    Rean John Says:

    How touching… Even animals do have feelings..
    There is a question that’s lingering in my mind, did the dog survive?

  7. 7
    Richard Says:

    Yeah, my first reaction is something along the line of, “Go help the dog and stop snapping pictures, ya a-holes.” However the second picture (I think) shows the dogs reaction to someone approaching.

    When I was younger a dog got hit right in front of my house and I ran from the front porch to the street and approached the dog. It was still alive, and when I got close enough to let it smell my hand the dog bit it and jumped up and hobbled off. I think they deal with shock with a sort of ‘kill everything’ approach.

    If nothing else, maybe the fidelity (Fido) this dog showed to his/her companion (litter mate) kept some Asian bystander from ever eating another dog.

    Or, maybe they ate them both.

  8. 8
    Ginnie Says:

    So close to Christmas, I shouldn’t be laughing =/

    You’re right though, I’d like to find out more.. perhaps if anyone can read the language printed on the pictures..

    It would be great to read more on exactly what happened here.

  9. 9
    Glitch Says:

    Just as ‘solid’ as the laws of physics are (you know they bend with our understanding as knowledge is gained of the universe). It has been taught to all of us that animals do not have the ability to reason (I somehow think this applies to us too, particularly the camerament here). So how would you explain this? Maybe all of us inbread monkeys shouldn’t have been allowed to to hold the title of dominent species on the planet, and then there may be a chance for peace on earth…

  10. 10
    Sigurberg Says:

    One of the most sad and beautiful pictures i’ve ever seen. I really fell sorry for the girl,
    and also her male companion.
    “Even animals have feelings” no SHIT asshole.
    Mankind really pisses me off!
    Especially people who have absoulutely no understanding of anything else than itself,
    like these filthy dog-eating asians(or something).
    Such a waste of earth’s oxigent…

  11. 11
    gtlogic Says:

    Hmm, do you by any chance eat pork? because you know, pigs are smarter than dogs? If so, that’d make you a hypocrite. If not, good job :)

  12. 12
    chris Says:

    I’m asian and I don’t eat dogs. I’ve been to Asia and I haven’t seen anyone eat dogs. A few may possibly have for one reason or another but it’s kind of stupid to stereotype asians as “filthy dog-eating asians” isn’t it? Anyways this is really touching and I hope the dogs are alright and safe somewhere. Also like “Richard” said, it’s possible the people might not have helped because of the way the dog was acting, maybe angry or thinking they were going to hurt them more or some other reasons. If not, then it’s sad those people wouldn’t help the poor dogs.

  13. 13
    Bob Smith Says:

    Oh really? A sister, brother, mother, or father would never do such a thing?

    Feed a dog, it thinks you are god. Feed a cat it thinks it is your god. Words to live by.

  14. 14
    helgi Says:

    pore doge

  15. 15
    Sindri Svan Says:

    While I do get a good laff out of racial jokes(like displayed earlier) I do not enjoy such decadent ignorance and intolerance as Sigurbergur displayed.
    It is such a lack of understanding and tolerance that is the source of most human conflicts.
    I do hope you realize how you contract yourself in the same sentence, if not… I fear you are one who’s wasting earth’s sweet, sweet oxygen.

    But I really hope some kind hearted person managed to approach the poor things and help the poor dogs.
    If anyone did a follow-up, I’d love to know.

  16. 16
    Gillimann Says:

    Sigurberg is probably one of those teenage white supremasist kiddies who don´t have a clue about the world around them…

  17. 17
    JB (Jelly Bean) Says:

    This is such a sad story. I only hope and pray that the dog would be ok and his friend will not be sad. I cried when I saw these pictures.

  18. 18
    Poopseedaisy Says:

    Frankly, you’re all morons…

  19. 19
    cloudyspuk Says:

    fuck off ,, hope somebody help that dog instead of being taken pictures , ,,, this is scary , how morbous we are?? =C

  20. 20
    Brad Anton Says:

    Amen Brother. Maybe a stranger human wouldn’t do this, but I sure know my friends / family would.

  21. 21
    Emily Says:

    thats horribly saaad!!! God if i were there id shove that mans phone up his ass and smash that mans camera upside his head… and then id stand there taking pictures of them on the floor.

  22. 22
    perri Says:

    I don’t see how pain, death and suffering provides photographic evidence of how we should hug one another and remember we’re mortal.

    How about something more appropriate like: put the cameras down and take action when help is needed.

  23. 23
    mehrue Says:

    life and death in canine kabuki theatre, bummer.

  24. 24
    ThomasD Says:

    1. IF i were there, i’d help the dog(s)
    2. you can’t do anything for a dead dog…
    3. even pictures on animal cruelty posters were taken by someone, you have to take pictures to share this story with others
    4. who said they didn’t already helped the dogs, but one was dead and the other one was phisicly fine?

  25. 25
    ThomasD Says:

    who decides if animals have the ability to reason? you can’t really test that, so don’t compare it to the laws of phisics

  26. 26
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    [...] weepy dog loyalty story of the [...]

  27. 27
    Bea Says:

    Why the hell did everyone just take pictures instead of helping?!

  28. 28
    editec Says:

    Sooner or later those who are paying attention to their fellow man in action realize that dogs are generally better than people in all the ways that really matter.

  29. 29
    Matt Says:

    The dog is obviously dead already. Turdbucket

  30. 30
    Xixen Says:

    You know, I’ve never been taught that animals do not have the ability to reason. I’ve certainly never been introduced to the idea in a scientific setting. In fact, the only people who I’ve ever heard espouse that point of view are people with little to no understanding of the way science works or the current findings in animal psychology. To attempt to use this particular incident to disparage scientific understanding is pointless and self-defeating. To compare these pictures to monumental discoveries that change our understanding of the physical universe is just silly.

    Besides which, it is a well-known and widely accepted fact that many animals are capable of grief. Ever heard of Greyfriar’s Bobby? Or even elephants, who are often seen mourning the death of family and friends.

  31. 31
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  32. 32
    Kim Says:

    Can you believe that! All those pic’s and all those people and NOBODY IS HELPING THE ANIMALS! Hello! FIND A VET!
    Again, can you believe that!????

  33. 33
    The Sign Guy Says:

    Man that is cool, just stumbleupon this site and wow what a story

  34. 34
    Cielmer Says:

    The poor thing…

    It’s a shame that all anyone would do is take pictures. They should be ashamed for not helping the poor dog.

    This picture displays two examples: One of loyalty and one of ignorance.

    Hard to believe how many ignorant people can ruffle a few feathers. Racists. Stereotypes. Obviously to them there’s no “larger picture” involved in tunnel vision.

  35. 35
    Ryan Says:

    That is so true. This is surely a display of true loyalty.

  36. 36
    Anna Says:

    Animals have souls too! Why do people treat them like garbage? You can clearly see the grief and pain this animal has and all they did was take pictures!

  37. 37
    Nameless Says:

    If it’s not moving, it’s probably beyond the help a vet could give to a stray dog while staying in business. (though if the dog had an owner more could be done)

  38. 38
    frieda Says:

    How do you know that animals have souls?

    Just wondering.

  39. 39
    Anna Says:

    Does it live, breathe, eat, sleep, bleed,feel pain, die? How do you know if we have souls? Tough question I guess. LOL

  40. 40
    Nicole Says:

    This sign of passionate loyalty is enough to inspire me.

    It’s soul is in it. That’s how you know.

    I like that someone felt compelled enough to document it.

  41. 41
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  42. 42
    spacekeeper Says:

    why the hell is no one helping.people are fucktards.all they can do is take fucking pictures.if that was not a dog asking for help and was person instead ask for help. people would help. just beacuse it dog dose not mean to stand there wile the dogs friend is dieing .

  43. 43
    sanji Says:

    thats sad, they are so much like people(without the shity aspects)

  44. 44
    bob Says:

    Will everyone that’s berating the people for taking pictures instead of helping the dog, I have 4 words to say: THE DOG WAS DEAD!

  45. 45
    violacolor Says:

    the fact clearly shows how animals have feelings and sometimes are more coherent than humans. pictures was took to share with friends etc but I would have been there to help the other dog. i was not there and i dont know which first behaviour I could have had .

  46. 46
    Because Of Dali Says:

    I saw the pictures somewhere else but did not know the story, it is really sad and touching, I don’t think humans are half as loyal as dogs are… Great story, great blog.

  47. 47
    Because Of Dali Says:

    I’m totally with you… I would have rushed to help the dog and then thought of pictures… that might be why I’m not a journalist… Check my blog out at http://www.dogs-news.com

  48. 48
    Daniel Says:

    how do you know you have soul? the feel the same things as you…thats why humankind is like this
    animals are better than you

  49. 49
    Thomas Says:

    There’s probably not much that could be done for this dog.

    And by the way, unless you know what you’re doing it’s probably not a good idea to come too close to the dogs. Look at the second pic, the dog looks like he’s ready to attack anyone who comes to close to his friend.

  50. 50
    Mike Says:

    Its terrible
    dog is the best friend

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