Is This Art? Or Animal Abuse? Animal And Dog Lovers Be Warned…

October 18th, 2007 | by Ginnie | (Visited 1,033,422 times)

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  • From Raven of (4/24/08):
    I wrote to PETA about this, and this is their response:

    Many stories-sometimes conflicting-have been circulating about these events, and it has been difficult to verify the reports that we’ve received.
    Because the initial exhibit with the dog took place in Nicaragua, which has no cruelty-to-animals laws, Vargas cannot be charged with a crime at this time.

    Our investigations department is aware that Vargas will participate in a show in Honduras in November. It has been reported that a Honduran group, the Honduras Association for the Protection of Animals and their
    Environment (AHPRA), has secured the event organizers’ word that the event rules will prohibit animal abuse. PETA’s caseworkers are monitoring this situation and will take further action if we get word that Vargas plans to repeat the exhibit with the dog. People often
    commit heinous acts in a bid to gain attention, so it is important to refrain from encouraging them by giving them the attention that they clearly crave. For more thoughts on this issue, please visit

    Exactly what happened at the exhibition in Nicaragua last year may be uncertain, but it is clear that millions of homeless animals are at risk of starvation, disease, violence and death in our own communities right now. To learn more about things you can do to make a difference for these animals, visit

  • NBC10 Webisode Video on Vargas (Thanks Jim!)

dog2.JPGThis is one of those things you come across and just have to blink a couple times and ask, “is this real?”. In fact it is.

Guillermo Habacuc Vargas had 2 children catch this dog. He paid the kids for this. He then chained the dog and used the dog as “art”. He told everyone not to feed this dog. The dog died in the gallery. He calls himself an artist. I call him an animal abuser. In that event, (in which the dog died) he was chosen to represent his country in the “Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008″.

Animal Abuse


Starving Dog


Starving Dog

There is a petition to ban him from this event, which you can visit by clicking this link.

After reading that and digging around, I found this site with a little more information on the incident:

A Costa Rican artist found himself in hot water with the animal protection people in his home country after using a starving, sick street dog as part of an exposition in Managua, Nicaragua, in August. Guillermo “Habacuc” Vargas allegedly found the dog tied up on a street corner in a poor Nicaragua barrio and brought it to the showing. He tied the dog, according to furious animal lovers, in a corner of the salon where it died.

Here is another link about the incident as well, although it’s in another language and I’ve been unable to translate it thus far.

There will always be cultural boundaries and different definitions of what is defined as “art”, but I’ve always maintained that any sort of suffering is pointless. Especially when something like this was preventable.

If this post strikes you, here are a few links to do something about other dogs stuck in terrible conditions:

Save A Dog – Foster A Dog, Save A Life

Can We Help You Keep Your Pet – Abused Dogs

Help Stop Dog Abuse

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  1. 851
    Xman Says:

    I would like nothing more then to see Guillormo die….I think it would be absolutely delightful to string him up, and watch him suffer. I would sit down, and eat, and eat right in front of him. I would have the biggest smile on my face the whole time. I wouldnt leave until I saw to it that he was suffering the entire time. After he died, I would feed his body to starving dogs on the street. It would be beautiful to see this done to him.

  2. 852
    Saim Baig Says:

    Oh this is so not good.This is animal abuse for sure.

  3. 853
    Fanatic Says:

    Oh poor dog.Heartless act.Shameful.

  4. 854
    sam Says:

    but this is what is happening in the streets of honduras and every other major city every day?
    go do something about that..

  5. 855
    marie Says:

    I am absolutely disgusted. I think that not only should this man be tied up to suffer, I think someone should get the most vicious dog from the street, let him attack and rip his fucking face and body apart… but don’t let the dog kill him. Instead let him bleed to death. and let him be concious. let him cry and beg for mercy. That sick fuck. And those sick bastards who came in to view the dying dog. They should be killed too. Fucking pieces of shit. I am outraged. Fucking art my ass. Murder is more like it. That man does not deserve to be recognized. He deserves to be tortured and killed.

  6. 856
    Sickened Stranger Says:

    I just signed a petition to stop this ***hole. He want to do this again this year. I think that this guy should be treated like he treated this dog. People who do this kind of stuff do not deserve to go on living honky dory.

  7. 857
    Jiri Says:

    You’re all being rediculous. Don’t you see the point of this piece? He may be an idiot for the way he did it, but the statement he makes by putting this dog up like that is obivous to even the complete ignorant idiot. As post 854 (Sam), says… “this happens every day”. What better way to let the public know about it than publically displaying it. PETA can have a field day with it for sure because it is animal cruelty. Yeh, I do not truly disagree with them. It IS animal cruelty. That’s the entire freaking point! Now, letting the dog die took it too far only because the common public is not ready to accept death or see the bigger picture. But, he did send a message across! Look at what this controvesy did! There are at least 100 new websites and thousands of old ones which are all working to save abandoned animals and the like – they all use this kind of stuff to their advantage to propogate this cruelty.
    As for post 851(Xman), you are perhaps the biggest hypocrit and ignorant person out there. You would like to see Guillormo die? You would like to torture him and eat food in front of him? What the heck would that prove!? You think it would be punishment? The real punishment is when people like you voice their opinion over the internet and make regular commoners look bad. How about thinking before you speak? By torturing him, you are just lowering yourself down to the level you put him at. Dur, that’s exactly what you accused him of doing! Also, consider that this was a public exhibit. That means that ANY one of the people who viewed the dog could have fed him. But did they? Let’s see, the dog died… guess not.
    Finally, I hate to sound like a biggot or any malicious being but I have no other way of writing this: That dog would have died either way… it looked old and obviously it was sick/starving. Had anyone seen it in the street, they would have ignored it and left it to wander. By putting it in this exhibit, he gave all the other animals a chance. Again, let me stress that I don’t agree with him totally on his means because he calls it art but the changes that one exhibit, one art show, one act can bring about are truly phenomenal.

  8. 858
    Evi Says:

    This is unbelievable and sick. All those people just standing around and watching him die…they are all guilty. And I´ve wrote a petition on my own, which will be translated right now in english and spanish. I also wrote to Peta, Dt.Tierschutzbund, Greenpeace, Vier Pfoten, WSPA and a few other and asked them for help.
    Wspa already got in touch with the museum and vier pfoten collect every single information and then they´ll trying to figure oout, what they can do. I still collecting signatures and everbody is welcome to get in touch with the e-mail shown…for giving his name on this petition also..
    I hope we can changing some minds and save this way another innocent life…

  9. 859
    Katey Says:

    Hey Jiri:

    Learn how to spell right, dumb b*#@! How could you even think that way? Guillormo should be prosecuted for what he has done. His art exhibit was completely UNACCEPTABLE and you know it. If you like the idea so much, then you should volunteer to be put on public display and starved to death. It is unfathomable that people like you and Guillormo exist.

  10. 860
    John Galt Says:

    The best way to deal with this guy is to ignore him. Creating petitions, writing letters, etc. etc. merely extend the “event” in the eyes of this person and the beyond-pretentious folk who have fallen for his line of B.S. Comment on him, and in the sick mindset at work here, his actions gain legitimacy.

    Turn your backs. Without an audience, he will have no reason to seek another victim. Indulge him, and we all become his victims.

  11. 861
    Devil Says:

    Thank you Jiri. I agree completely and people who have to swear to make a point are worthless in conversation. Yes, we can all agree it was wrong but can we all agree we would have truely done anything about it? Katey apparently believes spelling is more important then content and even more believe writing about to to an organization is going to make a change. Its obvious that the content or the idea of this “artistic” display was completely lost and therefor all the gripes only further fuel the stupidity instead of squelch it. Blah blah blah a-hole blah blah blah bastard blah blah blah he should die. Heck im more then up to go to an art exhibit where a murderer/rapist/drug dealer would be starved to death tied to a wall but the point is if it were that type of person you people would walk past without a problem while you can never realy know can you? What if that rapist said he had a wife and family and that it was a lie? would you fight to free them? Would you need proof to see them as a person or would you blindly take the word of someone else and allow another human to die? Do not judge lest you be judged. Does that sound familiar to anyone reading? Instead of reading a story and getting in an uproar about something you have no control over why dont you actively do out and help? If you want a right to be upset go out and collect all the homeless dogs you can and feed them all. You arent concerned about what you can do for other but what you can do for yourself to feel right about the way you live your life. We all want to believe that we are good people but actions very much speak louder then words and while we know things like this happen every day you feel the need to swear and condemn people youll never interact with based on your own beliefs and viewpoint. Again i say this life is a temporary situation and for one while you complain about a dog dieing people starve and die all over the world. People who are supposed to be smarter then dogs. people who have no choice and might as well be chained to a wall for all the good it will do them. Dont get me wrong, ill point out once more that i completely disagree with the act in and of itself but agree with its deep effect. Take a moment before you submit your comment please and think about what you say here because you really need to look at your own life and actions before you decide that someone else is worthy of death. My sister was stabbed in the back by a drunk and he got 14 years. Where was your sense of vengance when my sister was dieing? Where was it after she died? Where was it when the man was released? We all have to live with the things that happen in our lives and while i dont deny people the right to oppinions i do ask we stop and really think about what weve done for thoes around us lately because we have to start with that which we truely have controll over, ourselves. Thank you

  12. 862
    Jebus Says:

    It’s amazing that so many people automatically say this guy is a horrible human. That he deserves to die and that his acts are unquestionable. But actually think about it. Put your life into perspective. Do you go out and feed every homeless starving animal you see? Do you hand out your hard earned cash to animal shelters so they can feed their occupants? If he used a raccoon would you still be up in arms about animal cruelty? That dog probably had diseases, fleas, and starved for weeks, maybe even months on only the barest food possible.

    I’m not saying actually chaining and exhibiting a dying animal is the most appropiate course of action. In fact it is animal cruelty, but I can’t judge and say I want him dead for something I probably have done without even realizing it. A stray cat here, a dog running across the road. Animals in shelters waiting for homes.

    I still have done other things. I got my cat from a stray mother who had kittens. I’ve donated money to my local animal shelters. I’m currently about to adopt a puppy…but have I fed every starving animal out there? No I haven’t.

    And just so we understand each other. I do not agree with this man’s actions, but I won’t condemn him to a painful death because he did something horrible. And it can be construed as art, because art is about how it moves you, touches your soul. It isn’t about proper, and rules.

    I don’t think it’s the best way to acheive art..I think it’s disgusting..

    but it’s all about perspective and personal opinion, and emotion.

    Which it certainly got that.

  13. 863
    Kelly Harding Says:

    you know this asshole shouldbe tied up himself and hvae that done to him in the name of art.
    the devil will take care of this loser. and all the people who thought this was art and didn’t help out that dog. you know animals are wayyyyyyy better than people.

  14. 864
    Ham Says:

    Jiri has an excellent point.

    However, I disagree with his torture being a “stoop to his level”.

    Animals are higher than humans. No animal does things like this for sadism, under schadenfreude, or for a message. They do not experience blind evil as we do. But they do possess love, excitement; compassion. If they hate, they hate us, no other creature, and we give them the reason for doing so.

    We’re disgusting cretins. The most devastating virus of life.

  15. 865
    Dr. David Warkentin Says:

    I truly cannot believe that some countries governents permit this type of behaviour….and what about the sickos going to the exibit. What should happen is that habacuc should be tied in a corner and people can come by and admire him starving to death. What a sick bastard.

  16. 866
    Elias Says:

    Je pense sincèrement que cet acte est un acte barbare. Je suis gênée d’être un être humain quand je vois des actes aussi cruelles envers des bêtes sans défense.Est-ce-qu’il s’attaquerai à plus fort? Bien sûr que non!!! Il est bien trop lâche! Cet homme mérite qu’une chose, c’est de subir la même chose que ce chien!!! Cela me donne envie de vomir…

  17. 867
    Katey Says:

    To the devil:
    Thank you for your boring monologue. You are full of crap. and don’t you dare make assumptions about what I think is important. You have no idea.
    Save your thoughts for someone who gives a shit.

  18. 868
    An Em Sh Says:

    This artist is obviously a psychopath in the true sense of the word (cannot comprehend the emotions and hurts of others).

    People who are psychopaths are emotionally dysfunctional and this is as great a problem as mental or physical disability, but not always recognised as such.

    Further, almost 80% of those who abuse pets and animals inflict similar abuse on their human relatives- raping and beating their wives and children.

    This is nothing to do with art and everything to do with what is tolerated by society. In the terms of this artistic experiment, there is no emotional difference between a dog being starved to death in a gallery and a human being starved to death in the same manner. The only difference is that the latter may have attracted a few more headlines.

    The artist should be confined to a mental health asylum, for his own good and for everybody else’s. Society has no room for psychopaths.

  19. 869
    jaisy Says:

    what the fuck is this? how can you hurt an innocent animal? your taking away its life just for “art”, art isn’t worth taking somethings life. Animals have feelings just like we do. This form of “art” isnt art its horrible!!

  20. 870
    Jisatsu Says:

    This poor creature…. As for Jebus’s statement ‘do you go out and feed every homless animal you see…’ I do! If I see a stray, I leave it food, try to take it home, or call the humane society. I would never let a stray wander around depressed of it’s situation.

    How dare this ‘man’ think it’s called art, and how dare those ‘humans’ pass by and not call the damn cops.
    I believe animals are above humans, they don’t murder unless needed for food, and we don’t eat eachother do we? No (i hope not anyways 0.0 ). This is definatly animals abuse, why should this man even have a dog, why would he starve it? Would he like it if an animal cought him and let him starve? HELL NO.

    We are animals ourselves-no wait, we’re not, we’re monsters. We are below animals, and should be since we cause so much harm to this planet un-like them. I hope none of you would do this to a poor animal that believes man-kind is ‘nice’ to them.

  21. 871
    jeff daltry Says:

    The fact that the government let this happen is appauling. The “people” who walked by and did nothing. This “artist” is no better than hitler or the hussein family. He deserves to be be drawn and quatered in a public forum. I would in fact love to attend this “artful event”. God help him if he ever shows his face in our town.

  22. 872
    Katey Says:

    I have twice posted my thoughts and feelings about this outrageous issue. The reason why I am posting a third blog is because I feel that my last two reflected mostly my anger and therefore were ineffective.
    “Devil” wrote about his Sister’s death, and even though I do not know him, I feel sorry for his loss. However, there is still no justification for what the Artist has allowed to happen to a poor, starving, sick and helpless animal. He does have a point about people taking a stand and controlling our own actions. If we take a good, long, HONEST look around, anybody can see that we need to take a stand and change the awful ways of the world.
    Great things can happen if we are united and start WORKING TOGETHER. Starving a dog to death in an art gallery is a HORRIFIC ACTION!!! There are over two million signatures on a petition trying to ban this psycho from doing it to another animal. So, for the few people that have taken a different stance on the issue, you really need to look again at those pictures. And if the Artist is really that adamant about making a statement, then I believe he should starve himself and die in public view because as “devil” stated, people all over the World are starving. But, PLEASE, for the love of God, don’t tie a poor dog up and watch it suffer. That is just evil.

  23. 873
    Ashleigh Martinko Says:

    to Jebus reply…yeah he said that the dog was sickly and dieing…awesome.but that doesn’t mean that he should have starved the poor thing to grandfather died of cancer in my grandmother’s home. hospice gave a kit and everything full of morphines and drugs to help soothe him while he basically died…and we did that.we gave him the morphine, gave him the pills to keep him from drooling everywhere..we all sat there and watched him die, but we took care of him, and eased him out of his misery, and tried to give him the most painless death as possible…that’s humane.that’s right.what’s wrong is when people watch a sick dog starve to death and just die…there’s a difference between it being on the streets where if can roam free and have the free will to walk from person to person in hopes that they might ease it’s pain as opposed to it being tied up to a short a corner of a room while people just sit there and watch it die just for their amusement…take another look at this.we didn’t charge people to come in a watch my grandfather die. there s HUGE difference that. one of his four different excuses for doing this was to show to the people of his country how they just let animals starve to death and die in the streets in hopes that he could stop this horrible event from ever happening again…and yet he did the same thing to an animal…violence and meanness NEVER solves only creates more nastiness and animosity…

  24. 874
    shhh! Says:

    lets tye him to a rope and starved to death,
    see how he likes i!

  25. 875
    Devil Says:

    To Katey: See, not so hard to calm down and see truth is it? By the way before you get angry again i do appreceate the sympathy and thank you but i ask you to take a moment, everyone else included, and breath. Then take a little more time to look into the story. There is a very real and large chance it never happened and it was blown out of proportion. But the feeling it invokes in people is very real so again i ask everyone to realy take their time to evaluate their own emotions. Katey, you are absolutely right. Amazing things CAN and DO happen when people come together sadly it happens far less then wed like to belive. and as a whole humanity may never be on the same page. i do hope the best for your dream of it because it is my dream as well. I posted here and “Devil” because i knew what i had to say would not be liked but it would be true to the idea of wanting better for people then absolute rage. We are blessed with the ability to think by whatever god you choose to pray to. Why not use it to rise above conjecture and rumor? Sorry if i ranted too much again ;) thanks for listening.

  26. 876
    ayden Says:

    Perhaps a little bit of research into these outrageous internet posts would yield the real truth. It amazes me how quickly people will jump at any sensational news story circulating on the net.

    If you’re interested in the real “chained dog dies at art exhibit” story….

  27. 877
    Johanna Says:

    Yeah its hard to look at the pictures of a starving dog but do you really think he did this for fun?!? Hes done this to bring the message that there are thousands of dogs dying on the streets everyday… i find it rich that everyone gets up in arms about it when you have to look at it- HELLO its happening right outside the doors of the gallery as well but there we can pretend its not happening. The exhibition has worked very well id say.

  28. 878
    Ash Says:

    I would never compare this to Hitler or anyone for that matter.

    This artist is sick and twisted to allow an animal to die while believing that he’s justified.

  29. 879
    Artist Ties Dog, Ends up Dead, and Calls it Art. - Gaming Prodigy Says:

    [...] involvement in the 2008 Biennial and from repeating the spectacle. The pictures an be found here All I have to say is, there are some sick people in the world these days, uber cruel, as well. [...]

  30. 880
    jack Says:

    check out and stop being suckers for internet hoaxes.

  31. 881
    is this contemporary art? at the map village street editors Says:

    [...] starved him to death. For several days, visitors watched on showing no emotion toward a shameful ‘masterpiece’, based on the dog’s agony, until he eventually died. Is this art? Or has the artist gone too [...]

  32. 882
    carol holland Says:

    i hope this story is not true, if it is, i would love to get my hands on this
    asshole, and he or she would not live long enough to be sorry.
    i would enjoy getting my re venge on them for thier nonsenical animal
    cruelty. let us hope this is a hoax, if not i wish them and thier family
    the worst things possible. i agree do not ever come to nycity with your
    so called idiot art, or your dead meat here with all the animal lovers
    i know and i will help lead the pack , asshole,

  33. 883
    anthony Says:

    “Hes done this to bring the message that there are thousands of dogs dying on the streets everyday…”

    yeah but you have to draw the line somewhere… if you really care about animals, and you do that, and you have the chance to save it… i’d say it’s a bit hypocritical. yes, the art-goers should have tried to throw the exhibit name in there for it to eat at least… but then again, well its honduras, and i doubt the whack job in power there even cares about this at all, if he is able to understand it.

  34. 884
    Amelia Petherbridge Says:

    I am a student doing art at A-level and then going on to further education and all I have to say is that if this is art I am disgusted in the path I have chosen for the kind of people I may meet alone the way.
    This is not only one mans inhumane sick thoughts but the people who allowed it are just as bad and as much to blame. I hope all the people that put their ‘art work’ in places like the Tate see what dummy’s they are, as this should be the last straw. You all put a bad name to art and most people do not understand the meaning of it. It has become another word for cleverness and that is all people like this ill man are doing. Your taking the piss and experimenting with how much you can get away with.
    The only thing next is to tie yourself up and let the world see you rot. I am very sure more people would love to see that sight then a harmful, lonely dog. You have a black mark to you soul and I hope it eats its way though your heart till you choke leaving your body to disintegrate where people will only step, never remember.

  35. 885
    Erin Dowling Says:

    If a man is this desperate for shock value in his art, he shouldn’t be making fine art. It’s as if he thought of the horrid project, and THEN came up some bulls#*#* concept to go along with it. This man is a disturbed person and his 2 kids should be taken from him—–for art’s sake. Right? Isn’t that how it goes Mr. Vargas.

  36. 886
    Eristole Siewert Says:

    An investigation done by the Humane Society revealed that the dog was found in a state of near starvation when it was brought to the exhibit, and was only tied up until it escaped, a mere 3 hours into the first day of the exhibit.

  37. 887
    Ginnie Says:


    I, like many others, still refuse to believe that the dog just escaped. I truly think that faced with the backlash, they covered their tails with a convenient story.

    It’s just too convenient.. Anyone with half a mind would do everything possible to cover their ass after such an event.

  38. 888
    Merryn Says:

    I am completely disgusted by this! How DARE this bastard use a poor animal as art! This isn’t art!! WTF is arty about a starving, dying animal?? What?? Do people need things like this to satisfy themselves? Whoever put foot in this gallery is sick and evil. This guy should be put in jail and left to starve himself! I’m infuriated!!!!

  39. 889
    Susan Haqrrison Says:

    I’m crying too hard to say anything more.

  40. 890
    may Says:

    great art.. who cares it’s just a dog..i’m sure all of this is coming from the same people who call exterminators, set up mouse traps, and run over skunks on the road..this is insignificant- it’s just an animal

  41. 891
    Lynda Wilson Says:

    Evil. Just pure evil. No further words needed.

  42. 892
    Hoax Says:

    read this and you think hoax, well I did, try reviewing

  43. 893
    rami Says:

    That is not Art but rather ignorant and disgusting..!
    I can’t believe that nobody attending the so called art show did not protest what was happening. The poor dog… had no choice!
    I think this guy should be charged with animal abuse!

  44. 894
    Tom Fairley Says:

    I will never make excuses for any cruelty and abhor the actions of this “artist” and his “art”, however he has in many ways provoked reaction for the animal lovers that others could not. Just to Google “Dying Childs Petition” makes a point worth remembering.

  45. 895
    Nadz Says:

    To those who think ‘its just a dog’ may you suffer like this dog until you understand what this helpless animal is going through! there are many ways of being artistic and this is not one of them! I hope Guillermo Habacuc Vargas gets a taste of his own cruelty! and to those who visit his gallery, shame on u!if he wanted to show how animals suffer, why not spend his time doing soemthing about it? instead of trying to become rich!

  46. 896
    Elly Sketchit Says:

    This “possible urban legend of the dog’s death” is UNDETERMINED at this time as of now from Snopes. You can read about it here:

    LOGIC people…logic.
    If the dog was chained up without food or water in the condition it was in for several days it would have died long before then. You can only go without water for a very short period of time. That dog was already malnourished and dehydrated by the looks, so it wouldn’t have lasted if they hadn’t taken exquisite care of it in the exhibit (like supporters of the art have claimed the artist did). Again: supporters of this art have claimed the dog was watered and fed, and unchained for periods of time. Then it was released afterwards.

    The artists did this so people would be aware of the problem of underfed, unowned dogs in that country. Not so that people would go all PETA on his ass specifically and sign worthless petitions to stop “animal cruelty” when there (most likely) wasn’t any animal cruelty going on. The artists wanted to put a stop to animal cruelty himself…and show people that they should help, not just “observe”. He is currently scoffing at the hypocrisy (as am I) of the people who are so “outraged” at this treatment of the dog…but who look past dogs on the streets without a second glance.

    I have two little dogs and I treat them as I would my children (better, because I like animals more than kids). So this is not a matter of me ‘not caring’. I simply don’t think we should all bandwagon on this WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROPER INFORMATION.

  47. 897
    Lonny Williams Says:


  48. 898
    Jose Delgado Says:

    This so fucking sad. How could any mother fucker do this an innocent animal. He calls himself an artist..fuck him! Hes a muderer, that stupid ass bitch. I swear God that if I ever see this dick sucking bitch I will shove my shoe up his ass so far he will shittin shoes for days. That asshole wants to starve animals shit he starve himself cuz it looks to me like hes the only animal on this planet. Actually more than an animal a devil. I hope that bitch get in a car crash and dies that stupid ass mother fucking cock suckin cum chewing donkey ass crack licking stupid damn son of a mother fucking bitch!

  49. 899
    Tanya Says:

    This person is not an artist, nor is he even human. If he had wanted to prove a point as he claims, he would have brought a starving animal in to the gallery and shown how nurturing, love and care had saved it from a horrible life in the streets. Since animals in the streets there “die all the time” according to him, wouldn’t that have had more of an impact, especially when the disgusting people who came to his so called “art” show just allowed this poor animal to die of starvation without trying to intervene?

    People who have no regard for animals are known to have no regard for human life either. Many serial killers were known to have tortured and killed animals during their lives. Has anyone looked into this perverts past to see if he may have done this to humans as well.

    This disgusting idiot should never be allowed to show his “art” again, but if he tries, I hope someone makes sure to show him how that poor innocent animal felt before he died of starvation.

  50. 900
    brian weston Says:

    Who can call that art? the images are horribles what hell was thinking that man? uh?
    let’s get him and put him in the same situation

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