13 Of Halloween 2007’s Funniest, Craziest, and Weirdest Carved Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns

October 26th, 2007 | by MG | (Visited 254,405 times)

Pumpkin Fatality!Pumpkin carving LOOKS easy. But there is a little bit of science and knowledge involved with picking the right pumpkin and carving it. Each year, jack-o-lanterns are the Christmas lights of October. People put on shows of their creativity or humor and create pumpkin displays like the ones below that capture and stay in our imagination far beyond our initial impressions.

Scouring my collection of this year’s pumpkins, there were many I’d seen before, which I didn’t include. Extreme Pumpkins has a lot of the ones we’ve seen before that are fantastic, so I went out of my way to find the ones that we haven’t seen yet.

The pumpkins have been ranked in no particular order – Enjoy!

#1 – The ‘Saved By The Bell’ A.C. Slater Pumpkin

This one is really funny. If you grew up or watched Saved By The Bell, you knew who A.C. Slater was. This is a pretty good likeness!

The A.C. Slater Pumpkin

#2 – The Carls Jr. Burger Pumpkin

As a fan of Carls Jr. (they make burgers for men), I thought this was hilarious. Especially when I realized that it looks like real patties and cheese were used. I’d seen the concept before, but put together with a soda, this pumpkin is complete!

The Carls Jr Cheeseburger Pumpkin

#3 – The Chris Griffin Pumpkin

Chris is the “other” stupid one from the TV show “Family Guy”. If you don’t believe me, here are a few priceless Chris Griffin & Family Guy quotes

Chris Griffin From Family Guy

#4 – Doh! The Homer Simpson Pumpkin

Here’s the guy that helped make stupid male leads in TV cartoons famous! He looks delighted in this one! (Bonus: Funny Homer Simpson Quotes)

Doh!  Homer Simpson Pumpkin

#5 – “Eddie” The Dead Mummy Pirate?

Only referred to as “Eddie”, a metal reference, this pumpkin must have taken a LOT of work!

In the light:

Eddie in the light

In the dark:

Eddie in the dark

#6 – The Galleon Sailing Ship Pumpkin

One of my personal favorites, this is modeled after a Galleon ship. The intricacy is phenomenal!

Galleon Pumpkin

#7 – The ‘Spreading Cheeks’ (aka Goatse) Pumpkin

I’m not going to mention what ‘goatse’ means, and I don’t even really recommend you bother searching – it won’t end well. So I’ll just avoid that reference and say this is a cute version of a mooning pumpkin!

Goatse Pumpkin

#8 & #9 – Stupid Smiling Pumpkin & The Headless Horseman Of Sleepy Hollow

Combined because they’re both in the same “dark” picture, these two were hilarious. I loved the way the stupid grin on the first pumpkin is lit up. In addition, the headless horseman was also very detailed!

Stupid Pumpkin

Pumpkinhead Horse Rider Dude

Headless Horseman and Stupid Pumpkin - Dark

#10 – The Cyanide & Happiness Modeled Smiley Face Pumpkin

On many forums, this comic from Cyanide & Happiness inspired a smiley face (or emoticon) that’s been used all over in 2007. I’m a huge fan of C&H comics and especially a fan of the smiley face.

The Smiley Face:

The Smiley Face Emoticon From C&H

The Pumpkin (in the light):

Smiley Face Pumpkin - Light

The Pumpkin (in the dark):

Smiley Face Pumpkin - Dark

Honorable Mention: The Big Pumpkin Eating The Little Pumpkin

Done as often as the “vomiting pumpkin“, this is a classic, but still funny enough to make it here.

Big Pumpkin Eating Little Pumpkin

Honorable Mention: Pumpkins Gone Wild – Flash’em If Ya Got’em!

Another one that’s been around, but still gets a chuckle every time.

Pumpkins Gone Wild

Honorable Mention: Suprise! I AM Happy To See You!

This stalker-ish flashing pumpkin never disappoints! Extra kudos for the paper bag overcoat!

The Flashing Stalker Pumpkin!

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Comment by kybo
Oct 26, 2007 2:45 PM

Technically that’s not a “goatse” pumpkin since the rear is still closed.. but I’m not sure I’d want my child to walk by and see a goatse pumpkin anyway so that could be a good thing.

Comment by Mark
Oct 30, 2007 11:01 AM

#5 is the mummified Eddie from Iron Maiden’s Powerslave album. That carving is based on a pattern I made. Have a look at my site for additional photos and the actual pattern.



Apr 16, 2008 5:13 PM

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Comment by b'dette Williams
Sep 21, 2010 6:22 AM

How do I make the man mooning with woman flashing her boobs display? What materials do I need for their bodies and how do I make them stand?

Apr 03, 2012 10:51 PM

[…] 13 Of Halloween 2007′s Funniest, Craziest, and Weirdest Carved …13 Of Halloween 2007′s Funniest, Craziest, and Weirdest Carved Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns. October 26th, 2007 | by Ginnie | (Visited 170413 times). Pumpkin … Filed in Uncategorized « Rving minnesota […]


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