Video: Gigantic Man-Eating Spiders Caught On Tape!

September 24th, 2007 | by Ginnie | (Visited 113,441 times)

Giant Man Eating Spiders!Ok, so they don’t actually EAT humans, but some of these spiders look big enough to try! Fresh off the heels of my last post about cats vs scorpions, comes another potentially deadly critter I stumbled onto in my search for crazy scorpion videos.

I remember one time, as I was getting my children into the car, my daughter screamed and said there was a spider. Kids overreact, so I imagined it to be some daddy long legs or otherwise normal creature. The spider had to at LEAST be the size of my entire hand! I had left the moonroof tilted in the car and apparently seeking some shade, it came into the car to rest. I don’t think I’ve ever left a moonroof or sunroof open upon leaving my car ever again.

It seems I’m not alone in finding monster spiders, even on or in cars!

Humongous Spider Hiding Under The Door Handle

Here’s a Camel Spider eating a lizard from someone in the middle east. While he looks mean here, he’s no match for a scorpion.

Camel Spider Eating Lizard

Some of the fiercer huge spiders out there seem to be the Huntsman Spider and the Camel Spider.

A couple years ago, there was a huge mob covering this “Clock Spider“. Click the pictures to see the before (just 4 legs sticking out from under the clock), to the full after shot:

The Clock Spider!

The Clock Spider!

The Clock Spider!

Haven’t had enough yet? How about these two Huntsman Spiders fighting?

Huntsman Spiders Fight To The Death

Huntsman Spider In The Shower

Huge Huntsman Spider Hiding Above The Bed

Spider In The Kitchen

Giant Spider Caught At Night

Although just like we saw with the scorpion article, every predator has another predator:

Huntsman Spider Killed And Dragged By Wasp

And for a little comic relief:


Nature’s Natural Scorpion Killer vs A Remote Controlled GIANT Spider

Guess they’re not as tough with giant spiders as they are with smaller scorpions!

If you have any other great Giant Spider videos, feel free to drop a comment!

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8 Responses to “Video: Gigantic Man-Eating Spiders Caught On Tape!”

  1. 1
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    [...] Craving more deadly critters? Here’s another video filled post for Arachnid fans! [...]

  2. 2
    Jess Says:

    Oh my god, that last video was HILARIOUS!

  3. 3
    fcukbear Says:

    Hmm, my favorite was the camle spider eating the lizard, but the spider hiding above the fan was just creepy! The creaking sound from the fan made it even worse.

  4. 4
    sking Says:

    Big deal. Spiders eat lizards.

  5. 5
    fcukbear Says:

    Don’t you have that twisted? Lizards typically eat spiders..

  6. 6
    Nicolle Says:

    just wanted to sya wow! and in TX we have these huge spiders as big as your hand, but if you go to kill them, hundreds of babies scurry all over. I actually witnessed them swarming my boyfriends leg, the first time we killed one. Water hose shower, it was unimaginable, scary and hilarious.

  7. 7
    elijah Says:

    for some reason i thought i’d be treated to a video of a large fellow eating spiders

  8. 8
    jordan Says:

    this is freaky and gay

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